Private Tuition

Private Tuition Workshops

Private tuition is available for people of all painting levels from beginner to advanced. This course is 7 hours long.


Example Workshop:

During your workshop we will learn how to prep and paint your piece of furniture using several techniques such as colour washing, distressing, glazes. We will also use WoodUbend furniture mouldings to enhance your furniture. You will be taught how to seal and blend with waxes. For more advanced students, techniques such as raised stencilling, blending, petrifying, corrosive techniques and decoupaging are also available.

You will need to bring a small piece of furniture with you such as a stool, small table, bedside table. We will also supply boards to practise techniques on.

The above is an example of a course, but it can be tailored to incorporate whatever you wish. This workshop is the ideal opportunity to go off piste. It’s all about you and what you want to create.

All equipment and paints are included in the price of this course.


Please enquire for available dates.

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