WoodUbend Mouldings

Welcome to WoodUbend

WoodUbend Mouldings are a revolutionary product for the furniture restoration industry. There is nothing like them on the market. With over 3000 designs, there’s something for everyone.

WoodUbend mouldings can be adhered to just about any surface fast and easy with any good quality wood glue. The mouldings can be moulded to any contour, with heat from a hair dryer. As the mouldings warm up, they become flexible and can be bent in any direction, and cut with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.


The mouldings have all the properties of wood so they can drilled, stained, painted, sanded and varnished, but unlike wood, they are extremely light in weight.

Furniture Revivals is an official WoodUbend stockist and Charlotte is a WoodUbend ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a stockist for this product in Switzerland please contact us.

How to WoodUbend

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