Set in the beautiful countryside between Wädenswil and Hirzel, Furniture Revivals takes unloved furniture and brings it back to life so it can be treasured again.

I grew up with my mother, a fireball of energy, who had an amazing talent for designing interiors… but she didn’t just design them, she got the sledge hammer out and created them.  I spent my life in houses knocking down walls (and at a later date rebuilding them when we decided on a new layout), painting, creating and “upcycling”, before the word was even invented. This is where my love for furniture reviving began.

I am Dixie Belle Chalk and Mineral Paint Retailer. I only use paints that are environmentally friendly with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). This means they are safe for use around children and animals. I am also the official stockist for Woodubend mouldings in Switzerland. These are wood compound mouldings which can be heated to make them flexible to suit any surface. Perfect for furniture revivals or any craft projects.

I run painting workshops from my barn for every skill level, and fundamentally believe that painting is therapy. My workshops are as much about having fun in a relaxing environment and walking out with a big smile on your face, as the wonderful pieces you will create.

I love furniture, I love talking furniture and I love reviving furniture, so if you have any questions about reviving your own pieces, or you would like me to revive it for you, please give me a call, drop me an email or text message, I’ll be happy to chat with you over a cuppa until the cows come home.

Happy painting!