Decorative Drops WUB1304  23.5x3.5cms

Decorative Drops WUB1304 23.5x3.5cms

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WoodUbend mouldings are a revolutionary new product. Fabulous for upcycling any furniture or craft project. WoodUbend has all the properties of wood and in its cold state it can be snapped, sanded and drilled. When warm the magic begins. Simply heat with a hairdryer, heat gun or over a warm griddle to activate the bendiness. Apply the moulding with a good quality wood glue (not PVA) and the moulding can be bend to adhere to virtually any surface. In its warm state the moulding can be bent and cut with either a craft knife or scissors. WoodUbend mouldings can be stained, painted, waxed and distressed, to give you a fabulous creative dimension to any furniture or craft project.